Resources Engaging and Collaborating with Children

REACCH is supporting professionals in helping children to find their voices and access their participation rights in a collaborative environment 


12 May, 2023 Workshop in Norway, Trondheim. (Norwegian) Read more …
30 May, 2023 Conference in Spain, Madrid. Read more …
27 June, 2023 Event in Belgium, Brussels. (Dutch) Read more …
28 June, 2023 European Event in Belgium, Brussels. (English) Read more …


This website hosts the REACCH project’s international activities projects that focus on children’s rights, in particular children’s participation rights in the broad field of social work. Target groups for these activities are: social work practitioners, social work managers, policymakers and academics.   

 PANDA Project

The reacch-website hosts the PANDA project. The Erasmus+ PANDA Project seeks to promote the participation of young children, aged 12 years and under,  in decision making through strengthening professionals’ collaboration with young children involved in child welfare/child protection services.

Panda members about ‘Voice of children’


Children’s Rights in Practice, Special Interest Group

The academics of the PANDA team are member of the European Social Work Association (ECSWRA). The PANDA collaboration has resulted in the ECSWRA Special Interest Group Children’s Rights in Practice (SIG). The scope of this SIG focuses on and critically examines policy, practice, and theoretical developments within the field of children’s rights in social work. Specifically, this includes all aspects related to children’s rights within social work practice, i.e., child welfare, work with families, social services, juvenile justice, education, health, policy making, pedagogy and the law. Read more …


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