Resources for Engaging and Collaborating with Children

REACCH supports professionals, policy makers and managers to help children to find their voices and access their participation rights in a collaborative environment.

We want to

  • help to create collaborative conditions to enhance a participatory approach
  • increase the competence of social workers/professionals
  • support the implementation of a  participatory approach
  • support the developing of training for students and professionals

Panda members about ‘Voice of children’

PANDA Project

The Erasmus+ PANDA Project seeks to promote the participation of young children, aged 12 years and under, in decision-making through strengthening professionals’ collaboration with young children involved in child welfare/child protection services.

As part of the PANDA project, we have developed this website REACCH. The acronym stands for Resources for Engaging And Collaborating with Children.


Front photo video by Anastasia Shuraeva
Video by Elin Hassel Iversen
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